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Our guests are welcome to leave comments in the guest book, which we will post below. We hope that you have all had a delightful time and we appreciate all of your feedback. We would be pleased to include any of your vacation photos on this website. Just submit to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Years 2016

Hi Sue,

We had an amazing weekend and we owe it to you. Thank you for being such an accommodating host. We hope you hvae an excellent 2017. We can't wait to come back again.

Thanks Again!


May 2016


Wonderful to be back at Spring Valley Farm - we were last here for Easter weekend about 3 years ago! Still as beautiful as it was then! This place is a real oasis - so peaceful. The house has absolutely everything we could have needed. I'm sure we will be back again.


Kate, Dan, Jack & Kate (Bramahll UK) Sophie and WIllie the Dog - Vancouver BC

September 2016

Thank you for opening your beutiful home to us girls. Our weekend was fun, relaxing, and even a bit adventurous as we walked into town. We can't wait to return next year as this is now an annual event!

Michelle, Kelly, Kim, Tracy, Debbie, Kathy, Sherry, Jill and Erin.

March 2016

We had a fabulous time here for my twin boys - Richie and Ray's birthdays and my granddaughter Kristen's birthday. So much fun in such a beautiful scenic place! I love it! Thank you!

Greatly appreciate the experience of your place here. It is an amazing landscape and is very breathtaking. I have now been here in both winter and spring. Thanks for your hospitality


Roy and wife Billie and doggies

Here for my 24th Birthday! Amazing place and amazing time!


Vancouver, BC

August 2016

Do we have to go home??

Everything was perfect and so peaceful. From sunbathing to sightseeing, eating and making smores.....

Can't wait to come back one day.

Thank you!

Judith Stevens and gang

North Yorkshire UK

February 2016

Again - an amzing place to spend the Family Day weekend with all our family together- something that gets more difficult as the family gets older. The weather was fabulous and we all enjoyed every minute! We'll likely try to do this again next year! Thank you for allowinmg us to come back!!

P.S. Thank you for allowing us to bring our dogs. They had SO much fun in the snow!!

The Durkins, Durpeau, Neuman, Camire, clans were here!!!

July 2016

The Sunset crew of 7 families had a fantastic time at Spring Valley Farm. We had kids of all ages and they all had stuff to do, whether its on the trampoline, at the playground, or just running around the spacious field. The loft, the main floor plus the basement provided enough space for all the families. It was gorgeous inside and outside. All of our needs were taken care of, we couldn't ask for more.

We will definately be back and we can't wait to tell other people about our experiences.

Thank you so much,

The Barrona's

We had a blast. Kids love it here. Thank you!

The Scottos

A magical place your house is. Hope to be back!

The Charteros

New Years 2015/16

We received such a nice card designed by All the comments on the card were so heartfelt - thank you all so much. This was your 3rd New Year's at Spring Valley Farm. We hope you can keep the tradition going!

Here's to 2016!!

Spring Valley Farm Hosts



June 2016

Dear Susan,

Thanks from all of us for the enjoyment of your lovely house and other amenities (spa, cherry tree!)

A beautiful part of the world - we envy all the locals who call this place home.

And we saw a bear!

Best Regards,

The Smith Family


November 2015

Once again we are SO lucky to be bale to come here for some much needed peace of mind. Truly amazing place. All ready to come back next weekend!

Richie (Maddawg) Miller

June 2016

You have such a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing your home with our crazy group. Wonderful views and wildlife in the back yard!

Kim and Sean - Tesseo Wedding 2016


Had such an awesome time.... Cheers!!! Thank you for such beautiful accommodations. We contributed to your wine cork glass:)


207 Maine

August 2015


To Sue and Family,

This is olur second visit to Spring Valley Far. Just love it here!

This visit was to celebrate our friend's 10th Anniversary and their renewal of their vows. Everything was perfect. We only complain that it went too quick!

Now we'll hjave an excuse to visit again, which I'm sure this won't be the last time we have the pleasure of staying here in your beautiful house. Your home is so accommodating and thank you for sharing it with us!

Amazing memories!!!!


Many Thanks, Kind Regards.


Amy, Mark, Jess and Antonia