August 2015

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We have had a great time. I will leave here with fantastic memories that I wiull cherish forever. We hope to have the opportunity to stay again in the near future.

Many Thanks.


Kathryn and Daniel


August 2015

Dear Sue,

Just like to say a hige thank you for having us again. We had an amazing time and it was a perfect place to celebrate our friend's 10 year wedding anniversary. It's been lovely staying here in the summer. The views are sooo breathtaking like last time.

See you soon,


The Costello's, Renwicks, Mitchells and Lewis


Scott and Anna's Wedding - May 30, 2015


A wonderful home and a fabulous setting!! We absolutely loved having all our family here together, and couldn't have asked for a more perfect place to say our vows.

Thank you so much for giving us your home to use. It wouldn't surprise me if we were back one day.


Scott and Anna

Pemberton, BC

August 2015


8 year old - Mabel llikked having both families staying together.

6 year old - Russell liked being able to eat on the warm rocks and look at the best view in town.

This was a perfeect spot to host 2 families for the wedding of Brad and Josie. Perfect home base for our celebrations. What a beautiful spot! Will recommend to others.


Marjorie and Al, Jennie and Blake, Mabel and Russell, Carty and Brent, Brad and Josie, Nicole Dionne and Robert Stephenan, Chantal Stephenson and Jared Liebnech

April 23, 2015


Thank you so much for another wonderful stay. Hope to see you in August.

Janet Leadley,

Vancouver, BC

August 2015


Thank you so much for letting me ride! I learned a lot and enjoyed out time here a lot. AMAZING!!!




April 2015

Here is to many returns! Just what we have been looking for.


Irene, Nora, Maeve, Bernadette, Anne, Sophie

Vancouver, BC

Wedding Celebration

Thank you! Absoluelt beautiful home - perfect fopr our family as we shared in the marriage of Megan and Mitch. We hope we are able to return for a family reunion in a few years!

Love it!


Brian and Penney MacKenzie

Delta, BC

April 12, 2015

Thanks you for having us here this weekend. We can't wait to have our wedding here in August and this weekend has sure gotten us excited. It was great to see you. See you in August!

Emily, Christina, Alina and JP

Vancouver, BC


June 2015

Beautiful home! Everything about this place is delightful. I wish we had a place like this in Ontario (one can only hope).


Julie and Co.


April 2015

Thank you for such a beautiful place for us to celebrate Easter. Hope to make it a tradition every year.

Lisa, Anton, Rebecca, Ryan,Brqad, Melyssa, Lynn, Cian, Hendrik, Ramona, Kelly, Francis, Dillon, Andrea, Jen, Soren, Wesley (the dog), Laura, Steve, Doug and Kat.

Vancouver, BC

May 2015

Thank you Sue and Justin for allowing us to use this delightful home and garden. It is so peaceful and with a bear in the garden, moose in the river, horses in the paddocks - it coulodn't have been better! Good luck for the future.


Marylin and Michael,

Surrey, UK

March 2015


We had a great time!! We absolutely love your beautiful home - you've got such a gem here!

Thanks for all the tips to enjoy the trails and outdoors. We will definately be back!

Yasmin, Len, Ella, Bess, Jun, Timmy, Wally, Maricor, Miguel, Nichael, Angelita

From Grandma - the Birthday Girl

Dear Ms Sue Smith,

Your beautiful home is part of priceless memories. What a blessing to you and your family to own this amazing place. It also fits what "feng shui" considers a lucky place! Mountains on one side and flowing river on the other side! May your future grandchildren make priceless memories here too.

All the Best and thank you very much.


Angelita Lim

Vancouver BC